Are tabby cats hypoallergenic – What science says


Tabby cats look unique in their fur because it makes them look like miniature tigers. If you own a cat of any breed, different types of allergies are always a problem for us and a cat too! And especially domestic cats, many breeds are more hypoallergic than others. Since tabby cats are used as pets in the majority we will find out the answer of Are tabby cats hypoallergenic or not.

The answer is quite simple and one-liner : “NO” tabby cats are not hypoallergenic because tabby is just a coat pattern and this coat does not determine the amount of Fel d1 in the saliva of a cat.

Now the question arises here,

What is Fel d1 in the cat saliva?

So it is a thermostable protein found in the cat saliva, cat anal, cat’s skin and fur of the cats and also in the tears of a cat. And this Fel d1 is the major cause of allergies in children and adults also.

If you want to reduce this protein in the cats you can put a vaccine for this to lower the allergenicity of cats.

Let’s discuss,

Why it is necessary to understand this cat causes allergies:

If you want to own a cat whether the cat has a tabby coat or not, allergies can come in other ways too as we discussed above but many breeds are less likely to cause allergies. To know more about the answer of the question : Are tabby cats hypoallergenic or not we will dive little deeply.


The Cat Breeds That Are Less Likely To Be Allergic :

  •  Sphynx.
  • Oriental shorthair
  • Russian blue
  • Bengal
  • Siamese
  • Cornish Rex
  • Devon Rex
  • Snowshoe
  • Siberian
  • Balinese
  • Javanese
  • Ocicat
  • Colorpoint shorthair

All of the cat breeds listed above are either considered as low allergy cats. Remember, no cat is completely hypoallergenic as you may face allergy issues after owning them. but with proper grooming and by applying some of the points in your lifestyle you can own them, which we will discuss.

Can You Be Allergic To Tabby Cats?

It doesn’t matter if a cat is a tabby coat patterned or not! allergies come from the saliva of the cat not from the coat but cats are known for their nature to lick they’re for daily to clean it naturally and from this point, it starts to spread the allergy. And you will come in contact with your cat’s fur/coat if you own them.

How To Own a Cat When You Are Allergic?

Just because you are allergic does not mean you can not own a cat but you have to follow some points for your hygiene. Below are a few ways to own a cat when you’re allergic:

  • Use a HEPA air cleaner:

The first method to deal with a cat if you are allergic is to make the air clean which you breathe. To do that you can use air cleaner with a HEPA filter. These HEPA filters are known to catch the dirt/dust particles from the surrounding area which also catch the particles that come from the cat. So it will be helpful and comfortable to use these filters in your house if you want to own a cat.

  • Upgrade to tile or hardwood flooring :

Another thing to deal with cat allergies is to change your flooring from carpeted to something bare like hardwood floors which do not trap the cat hairs. Cleanliness is crucial for allergic cat owners i.e. you have to maintain the cleanliness of the floor, rooms, windows, and the main thing which is a major cause of allergies: A litter Box

Now which kind of litter box you use is also important. I recommend brands like Cats Pride and Dr. Elsey’s to purchase a good quality litter box. These litters clump better, leaving fewer dust particles in the air.

  • Change clothing after play sessions:

Tabby cats are the most adorable cats out there so obviously you would like to play with them, hug them, catch them, and pet them frequently. So if you want to stay out of the allergies then you will have to keep a coat which you will wear before you pet them or you can change your clothes after you pet them.

  • Bathe your cat regularly:

The cats who wander in nature never take a bath because they cleanse them by licking their fur. So not for them but for you, you can give them a bath with special cat shampoo available in the market.

  • Grooming Your Cat:

        It is not recommended to groom your cat as it is not good for them but if you are allergic then grooming a cat could be a little helpful to cut down the chances of alleging cause to you.

Which Cat Breed Is Good For An Allergic Person :

If you are ready to follow the above-mentioned points while owning a cat then any of the above-mentioned breeds is good to go with.

In the case of Sphynx, it has no hairs to deal with so they are almost completely hypoallergic. But if that Fel d1 protein is still in their saliva then you will have to deal with it. And you will have to bathe them regularly to stay away from the allergies.

Additional Tips To Own a Tabby Cat If You Have Allergies:

  • Vacuum windows, furniture, curtains etc regularly
  • Switch to leather furniture
  • Make cat-free zones in certain areas
  • Keep your cat out of your bed
  • Consult your doctor for anti-allergy medicine

Final Words:

Even if you follow all the aspects we discussed, there isn’t a 100% certain guarantee that any breed of a cat will be completely nonallergic to you because they are an animal and they have different bacteria and nature than us.

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