How far away can a coyote smell a cat? – Ways to protect your cat

A coyote is a predator and it could be a danger for your cat. Before we know the answer How far away can a coyote smell a cat? We should know the smell capacity of a coyote. Coyote’s sense of smell is so extraordinary that it can smell anything from a mile away, which is more than 60% more than the capacity of dogs.

 So it is an obvious answer to the question: How far away can a coyote smell a cat? Which is a MILE AWAY. Coyotes use these senses to detect their prey, and to find their family members, and also use it to detect danger from the predators.

What Is The Range Of a Coyote Smell?

Coyotes and dogs come from the same ancestors so, likewise, the dogs coyotes tend to rely more on their sense of smell than their sight. Even if a coyote is completely blind it can detect the smell of blood from a mile away. So the average effective range for a coyote’s sense of smell is about 350 yards. If we compare their smell capacity with humans it is estimated to be between 10 to 20 times higher and more accurate than the humans.

How Far Can a Coyote Smell?

As we discussed, coyotes can smell anything from a mile away but it depends on the direction of wind also. if the wind is blowing towards a coyote then they can smell anything more than a mile! But if wind is blowing in the opposite direction then their smell capacity decreases which is less than a mile.

Other factors of environmental factors like Humidity and temperature also play a pivotal role. it also depends on the variety of scents. Some strong scents can travel farther than others i.e. cat pee! The smell capacity of a coyote also depends on an individual’s age, health, and experience. However, coyotes sense of smell is so powerful and it plays a major role in their survival.

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What Is a Smell Coyote Hate?

If you are a cat owner and you do not want to invite a coyote around your territory then you should know what smells coyotes hate, so you can prevent them from a distance.

Coyotes are afraid of wolves so either you can use wolf urine which is not an easy option so, you can use moth balls and rags soaked in ammonia and put them around your yard. Coyotes can also attracted by the smell of food coming from your outside trash so you can also use ammonia-soaked cloths in your trash so that the odor of food cannot be detected by them.

How Far Away Can A Coyote Smell A Cat?

As we discussed coyotes can smell anything with a  stronger scent from a mile away and they are good at detecting the scent of domestic animals like cats and dogs because these domestic animals give a very strong smell by their urine and feces. And if your cat is regularly eating a lot of fish and other seafood which has a very racy smell then it would be so easy to detect it from a greater distance.

How Likely Is It For a Coyote To Eat a Cat?

Actually, the cat is not a favorite food of a coyote and in very rare cases urban coyotes prey on and eat cats as it is only a 1% to 2% chance that your cat could come into the coyote diet, Instead, coyotes mainly prefer to eat small mammals such as rabbits, mice, voles and shrews. They also eat berries, insects, frogs, birds, and especially deer killed by car accidents.

Can Coyotes Catch Cats?

An interesting research published on coyote-cat interactions concluded that coyotes can catch cats mostly between 10 PM to 5 AM. The observation shows that from 36 coyote-cat interactions, 19 of which resulted in coyotes killing cats. So ultimately it is a sad truth that coyotes can catch the cats and also can kill them too.

How Do Coyotes Catch Cats?

Coyotes get attracted to your cat just by the scent of a cat. And if your cat is Little in age or not active or it is aged or having energy issues then it is a golden opportunity for a coyote to prey on them. Sometimes coyotes come in groups for prey and sometimes they come individually too. They catch the cats by chasing them.

Can a Cat Beat a Coyote?

Cats can not fight off a coyote but they can beat them by running away or by climbing on some heightened objects as cats can climb up on anything easily. If there is an interaction between a cat and a coyote and there is a flat land around them then the coyote can catch a cat easily as they are much more energetic and faster, larger and powerful than cats. So it depends on the situation if a cat beats a coyote or not.

How To Protect Your Cats From Coyotes?

As we discussed coyotes are opportunistic and savage wild dogs and they live in packs and hunt in pairs. Domestic cats are lazy and tame as they rely on their owner for food and other things. So domestic cats are great snacks for them. Many people do not realize how much of a threat coyotes are to your feline friends. Coyotes can run at the speed of about 40 mph, which means a cat can not outrun a coyote in any way  if the interaction happened on a flat land.

Here Are Some Ways To Protect Your Cat From Coyotes:

  • Keep your cat inside at night :

Major attacks of coyotes happen between 10 PM to 5 AM mainly in spring through fall as they are nocturnal. So, if you are worried about your cat’s safety then keep them inside after 10 PM till the morning.

  • Remove Food Sources around your property:

Cotoytes get attracted by some Common food sources around your property like garbage cans, Bird feeders, Fruit trees, etc. So you can remove the fruit tees if possible and you can use animal-proof garbage cans also not to forget remove bird feeders to avoid coyotes.

  • Add a fence around your house :

Adding a 6-foot-tall fence is a good idea to keep your cat inside and coyotes outside. You can also add a 15-inch woven wire extension or roller bar to the top to avoid jumping off a fence by coyote and add wire in the ground for about 24 to 36 inches deeper to prevent coyotes from digging underneath the fence.

Even if you add a fence, it is a good idea to keep your cat inside the house and remove food sources.

  • Add Cat Posts To Your Property:

Cats are not good runners but are good climbers so If you add a heightened cat post of about 10 to 12 feet then it will be a life savior for your cat in the situation of an active coyote attack. As coyotes would not be able to reach at this height.

  • Add coyote repellent lights:

Any red flashing light could be used as a coyote-repellent light because coyotes interpret it as an eye of their predators like Gray wolves, cougars, American black and grizzly bears, etc.

The problem with this solution is that feral cats also get frightened by this lights.

Final Words :

Even if you add a fence and coyote-repellent lights it is advisable to keep your cat inside the house at night time because most coyote attacks occur at night and coyotes are faster animals so they can easily hunt down a cat. Also, follow all the above-mentioned steps to prevent the coyotes.

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