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Maine coon white cats look so stunning and majestic as they have striking appearances and intriguing genetics, these cats can capture anyone’s heart because of their beauty. White Maine coon cats have crisp white fur coats that glisten in the light. But before owning them you should know about their genetic risk of being deaf specifically those who have blue eyes. There is a myth that the majority of Maine coons are deaf, which is not true. If you want a white Maine coon kitten then one of their parents must have white fur. We will discuss their health considerations, cost, grooming, and much more about the main coon white cat in this article so, let’s dive deeply.

Maine coon characteristics :

Maine coon cats has an average height of 10 to 16 inches and their weight falls between 8 to 12 pounds & Life span of any cat breed is about 9 to 13 years. Mainecoons are suitable for single adults, families, apartments, houses, and multi-pet households & they are intelligent, attentive, loving, playful, and kid-friendly animals.

History Of Maine coon white :

There is the belief that maine coons may have arrived in the United States via Viking ships, sometimes in the 1900s. After they became popular among pet lovers because of their friendly nature and loyalty so, they were also called the dogs of the cat world. They are kid-friendly cats and intelligent enough to learn basic tricks.

White Maine coons do not like to be left alone and they love to talk/communicate with their owner & other family members. Their white, long, and beautiful coat is rare as compared to other Maine coon cats.

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How do we take care of a White Maine Coon cat ?

To take care of your white maine coon cat follow the mentioned points:

  • Exercise :

White Maine coons are active giant cats so they need an exercise on daily basis. If your cat is lazy and wont interest in doing exercise you can pair up with another one! A pair of cats will get plenty of excerise by their selves by playing and wrestling with each other.

If this doesn’t work then you can bring a cat tree/tower and introduce it to your cat. As they love climbing , cat tower is a good option to make your cat do exercise.You can also use toys, laser lights etc for their exercise.

  • Diet :

Maine coons need 190-875 calories per day to thrive. Their diet should contain chicken or fish whether it is wet or dry, to fulfill their need for Animal protein.

Because they are big and active, main coons require a lot of protein to keep them going. They must eat meat, either raw or cooked.

Even though dry and wet cat food can meet these cats’ nutritional needs, some owners choose to feed their cats a raw diet in addition to supplements.

Stay with low-fat, high-protein meats like fish, rabbit, and fowl. An ideal raw food diet for Maine Coon cats should consist of 85% pulverized bones, organs, and muscle flesh. To keep your cat healthy, think about giving them vitamins and supplements if you decide to follow this diet.

  • Veterinary Care :

To maintain the health of your main coon, regular visits to the vet. are important for preventive care, vaccinations and checkups. Maine coons are prone to certain health issues like hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so its recommended to have them examined every six months.

  • Grooming a maine coon cat :

It will be to your advantage if you can train your Maine Coon to accept grooming at an early age.. They won’t put up much of a struggle if you begin when they are young and it becomes second nature to them. It may take more time for a rescue to adjust, and some may never truly love it. However, this is a standard component of care for a Maine Coon.

Maine coons have a lustrous white coat which requires regular grooming to maintain its radiance. Brushing their long fur a few times a week helps prevent matting and removes loose hair. Pay special attention to areas prone to tangles, such as behind the ears and under the belly.

Is a white Maine Coon cat rare?

From thetotal population of the maine coons, only 1.5% of them have pure white fur, which makes them rear and they get appreciation if you have one in your home.They are rare because of delicate manipulation of the genetics behind breeding a white maine coon.

It takes two carriers of the white coat color gene, one from each parent cat, for a litter of white kittens to be born. This trait is known as recessive inheritance. The breed standard for Maine Coons also places an emphasis on particular patterns and colors, which could further reduce the number of pure white cats produced. This makes White Maine Coons rare and desirable, especially in the cat breeding and displaying circles, where they command a premium price. Their rarity and one-of-a-kind style make them a sought-after option for people seeking a sophisticated feline friend.

White Maine Coon Kittens — Before You Welcome One Into Your Family :

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Here are some little-known facts about main coon cats :

  • Maine Coons are one of the world’s three largest breeds of domestic cats
  • Maine Coons are believed to have developed naturally in the Northeastern United States
  • The longest domestic cat in the guniess book of world records was a Maine Coon named Stewie, who measured 48.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail
  • Maine Coons have thick fur coats that trap heat and are water-resistant
  • White Maine coons are prone to skin cancer because of The lack of pigment in their skin

Are Maine coon cats good for families?

Yes, Maine Coon cats are great for families as they are known for their friendly and loyal personality and are often referred to as the “dogs of the cat world”.They are gentle and patient with children and other pets. They are also intelligent and can be trained to do tricks  Maine Coons are relatively low-maintenance in terms of grooming despite their thick fur coats.

While they won’t tolerate being teased, kids should be taught to respect them when they are around them. They also won’t put up with being pulled by the tail or ears.

To keep younger children from getting too rough with a Maine Coon, adult supervision is required at all times when they are around.

Male vs. Female Maine Coon, which one to adopt?

Both male and female Maine coons are gentle pets, loving in nature and playful. But there are some differences between the two. Males like to spend their time alone as compared to females and it’s hard to give them potty training. And like humans males like to be quiet and females love to communicate and make conversations.

If you go for size, males are generally bigger than females and have bigger personalities. While females are a bit smaller in size. Males are introverted and females are extrovert as females are more demanding of attention and social interaction and they need simulation and playtime.

While males are curious and friendly cats that enjoy human company too. Ultimately, the choice between a male or female maine coon cat comes down to personal preference.If you want a larger cat that is little quit than male maine coon might be right choise for you and if you prefer a smaller cat that is social in nature and you wants to communicate with them then a female maine coon might be a better fit.

Regardless of which gender you choose, maine coons are known for their friendly and loyal personalities, and they make great pets for families.

Are White Maine Coons Deaf?

A higher incidence of congenital deafness is associated with white cats, especially Ragdoll and Maine Coon breeds.

It is believed that pigment-related congenital deafness causes cats to be born deaf or partially deaf in one or both ears.There is a 60% chance of deafness if your white Maine coon has two blue eyes.

If you are concerned about your cat’s hearing, you can done a hering test for your cat by taking them to your vet. These hearing tests are known as BAER Test and BAEP Test specially designed to know the hearing ability of a cat.

How To Tell If Your White Maine Coon Cat Is Deaf :

If your Maine coon is ignoring your calls and if you notice that your cat loses the balance while walking then it is time to go to the vet. If you notice these two aspects then there are chances that your cat is deaf.

If your cat’s hearing loss is confirmed by a vet, you’ll need to take extra care to keep her safe, such as keeping her indoors because it won’t be able to hear traffic noises like horns and traffic. So, it could be dangerous if it gets to the road and doesn’t pay attention to cars going the other way.

White Maine Coons And Sunburn :

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), any breed with a white-colored coat is more prone to getting sunburnt than other colored cats. Sunburn can cause discomfort and life-threatening damage to your cat’s skin.

To save your cat from getting sunburnt an owner should take some extra precautions as mentioned below:

  1. Keep your cat indoors during peak hours of sunlight.
  2. Use cat-safe sunscreen on your cat’s ears, nose, and other exposed areas.
  3. Provide your cat with a shaded area to rest in.
  4. Consider using protective clothing such as a cat-sized sun hat or shirt.


  • How big do Maine Coon cats get?

 Maine Coon cats are one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. They can weigh anywhere between 9 to 18 pounds and grow up to 40 inches in length.

  • What is the price of a Maine Coon cat?

The price of pure breed Maine coon cat in the USA varies between 1200$ to 2500$ which depends on its breeder and pedigree.

  • What is the personality of a Maine Coon cat like?

 Maine Coon cats are known for their friendly, sociable, talkative and playful in nature. They are also intelligent and curious, making them great companions.

  • Are all white Maine Coons deaf?

No, many people wrongly assume that all white Maine Coons are deaf, which is incorrect. White Maine Coon cats have an increased genetic risk of being deaf, particularly those with blue eyes.

  • What is the average lifespan of a Maine Coon cat?

 The average lifespan of a Maine Coon cat is between 12 and 15 years.

Conclusion :

As we discussed a lot about white Maine coons you should probably go with this breed if you want a king/queen of the cat world and if you want an active, talkative pet.

 Many people also refer to them as the “Dog of all cats” and they are beyond beauty. They are a fascinating breed of cats that have captured the hearts of many cat lovers. These cats are known for their stunning white fur, remarkable size, and gentle demeanor. It is important to note that white Maine Coon cats are not naturally white, but have a white masking gene that makes them appear white.

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